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Chuck's Fish

5426 U.S. 280
Open for lunch and dinner. Chuck's Fish specializes in fresh fish and shellfish from the Gulf Coast. All their seafood comes from their own wholesale market in Destin, Florida. The fish is strictly hook and line caught by either their  own boats or boats they have contracts with. When possible, they use local produce and meats are all hand cut, either in house or by local markets. The owner started Harbor Docks restaurant in Destin back in 1979. He owns a couple other restaurants on the Gulf Coast and another Chuck's Fish in Tuscaloosa, which seems to have gotten high marks, including for its sushi. A July 2009 City Scene review complained that while the restaurant is attractive, it is LOUD. Service, however, is expert, and reviewer Tom Gaskin gave high marks for Uptown shrimp, Red dragon sushi roll. Crab cakes were tasteful but not as good as some others in town. Fresh catch of tuna was "perfectly cooked and delicately seasoned." Seafood choices are "innovative with some expected standbys."

Posted on Monday, June 8, 2009 at 09:04PM by Registered CommenterDeborah Lockridge in | Comments5 Comments

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8-1-09 Dined here for 40th Anniversary. What a huge let down after the great review in Bham News. He must have got a free meal! The seafood platter had 2 stuffed shrimp that were over cooked and chewed like rubber and the stuffing tasted like bread. The fish of the day was a small piece of blackened amberjack that was also over cooked and very dry. The one crab cake on the platter was pretty good. The mashed potatoes were ok. $26.99 "Rip Off" My wife had the fried shrimp that were about the size of a Ball Park Frank. This is because they had a half inch of panko bread crumbs on a medium size shrimp. Again another let down for only $21.99. I think we have eaten in most of the eating places along the Ala and Fla coast from cheap to fancy and all had better food than Chuck's. He should have spent more time checking on the food and less on telling about some speech he gave in the 60's.

August 4, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Mc

Went to Chuck's Fish after being to most of Morgan's other restaurants in Destin, FL and in Tuscaloosa. We had a party of six for ladies night, which is on Thursday. From the second we walked into the restaurant, we were blown away. The decor is not like any of Morgan's other restaurants, but fit perfectly into the Birmingham scene. Of course, nothing was perfect, but overall, our experience was phenomenal. Brief rundown on my meal...Uptown shrimp as an appetizer that was out of this world, grilled grouper was great, sides were mashed potatoes and vegetables. The vegetables were a little over-seasoned. Two girls ordered sushi that was maybe the best I've ever had. This however, was not a surprise considering the quality of sushi at Morgan's other restaurants. Oh, we also ordered two bread puddings and they were prepared beautifully and tasted even better. I will definitely be returning, however, prices are high, but don’t mind paying for fresh Gulf Coast seafood (hard to come by these days).
Regarding the other review, if you do stop by Chuck's Fish, please actually read the statement about "Chuck" on the menu, to say the lease, it seems like this restaurant is proudly named after an incredible man who lived in Birmingham. Chuck appears to be named after Morgan's Father who was a respectable, admirable civil rights attorney. The speech he gave in the 60’s made a huge impact during a time when other’s here in the South were too scared to speak and do the right thing. Chuck may have not gotten into the restaurant business, but thank God his son decided to. We sort of felt honored to be in a restaurant named after Chuck Morgan.

August 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJ. Deamson

We dined at Chuck's fish for the first time last night...after just being spoiled on a week long beach trip(wonderful fish to eat all week).... and I have to say DESPITE the first review, I was VERY impressed. I was a little skeptical when we first entered the restaurant and were seated, just because of how small it is and not really the interior you are expecting.
But anyhow, we ( party of four, two of us being recovered from eating disorders.......VERY PICKY eaters!) were greeted by our server who gave us the drink specials and his recommendations....very kind and prompt! We started off with a large order of the crab claws, which to my surprise, were very fat(had alot of meat on them, and just lightly fried, not over powered with breading!!!) , so we got a second small order, they were so good. Oh yeah i forgot to mention we ordered several drinks..which were phenomenal....watermelon margarita and cosmo. Bread is brought out just before salads, which is a small white artisan loaf, with some cheese baked in it.....and is served with some type of chive butter....very tasty!!! Next, I ordered salad with my entree (comes seperate), the harbor docks salad....which is a generous sized salad with mixed greens, cranberris, almonds and mandarin oranges...all tossed in their WONDERFUL house vinaigrette. It was perfect!!( oh yeah i fogot to mention, i asked if i could add tomatoes and cheese to my salad and the waiter kindly said sure what kind of cheese would you like?)!!!! At this point in the experience I became a lttile anxious, just becausee i had so much trouble deciding what to order earlier, it was between the pan sauteed fish of the day ( choose from the fresh list of: grouper, red snapper(my choice), mahi mahi, amberjack or salmon) OR the Parmesan crusted grouper(which my server HIGHLY recommended) So i went with it....but was now for some reason, getting anxious...afraid it was not going to be good. Two of the other members in my group ordered the crab cakes, and the other ordered mahi mahi, sauteed with white wine, garlic, artichoke hearts, and sun dried tomatoes. TIMING was perfect, about four minutes after completing my salad, our entrees were served and a huge pet peeve of mine is cold or even lukewarm food........NOT AT ALL THE CASE, my fish, and sides were so hot i had to let them cool before tasting!!! FINALLY, ah bliss!!!! The grouper was so freh tasting, delicately seasoned....perfectly accompanied by the pesto cream sauce...... this was by far better then any of the fish i had eaten the week before....right on the gulf!! The others in my group were very pleased as well. The mahi was sauteed, but had no grease or "heaviness" to it at all. It was great...and i even enjoyed the taste of crab cakes...........you get mostly crabmeat...not all that usual bread and mayo!!!! and Last the veggie mix that comes with all entrees was absolutely phenomenal,very crisp, not over cooked and wonderfully seasoned..................... everyone (and I) was enjoying my grouper so much we asked for an additional piece.......which was better then the first. We are all stuffed by now and did not have room for dessert, but saw other tables order it and know we will have to save room for it next time!!!

August 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMK kerr

We just had our first meal at Chucks. We will definitely be back! We started the evening with the uptown shrimp based on the recommendation of our waitress Sara. Wonderful! In fact, you could see almost everyone ordered it around us. Beautiful fresh shrimp! I had she cobia w/shrimp risotto and wilted spinach. My meal was perfect. My husband had the seafood platter and he was equally impressed We finished our meal off with the bread pudding which was totally worth the calories. I would consider us food snobs and Chucks passed our test with flying colors. I cannot wait to go back!

April 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJ Davis

Both our fish and steak were much too salty We want this place to succeed. We used to have a wonderful time there before it changed hands.I hope the right people read this so they can be careful to keep this problem remedied .Signed discerning palates and well-wishers.

May 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterUs

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