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Ming's Cuisine

514 Cahaba Park Circle (off Hwy. 280 across from Target plaza)
Reviewers on Yahoo Travel give it five stars for the food, with high marks for hot and sour soup. If you're adventurous and not in a hurry, try the whole Szechuan fish.

Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2007 at 12:17PM by Registered CommenterDeborah Lockridge in | Comments4 Comments

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The concept of a nice chinese place, I thought, would be hard to pull off, but Mings does it well. The atmosphere is pleasant, and food and service were good. Its tucked away along 280 and hard to find at first. My impression was that more time and care is taken in preparing the meals here than at other places in town which cater to the "carry-out" crowd or the "buffet" eating population. Prices are reasonable and overall I have always been pleased with my meals, but I have yet to venture away from standard fare here like sesame chicken, etc...

September 23, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterbg

Okay..let me start of by saying that I normally never complain about restaurants however with this one I just had never gone through such a situation and felt the need to post it. I was taking someone very special to me to lunch. Lunch was about over so we were the very last customers in the restaurant. The food was great, the decor was just fab and the waitress did an awesome job. The person that I had taken wasn't too sure about the place but for time sake decided to give it a try.....Needless to say - That was the first and the last - PERIOD. As I was paying (I am trying to cut debt so I never carry plastic or cash....well until now) only my checkcard. I knew that I had plenty of money...so she swiped my card twice and handed it back to me declined. She refused to try it one more time. I found myself almost begging for her to try one more time because it had to be something on her end that was the problem. Anyway, as she handed me the card back I asked her (since she swiped in twice and would not anymore) what did she want me to do. Her reply was "Well, I can't swipe it again it cost me 35 cents everytime I swipe it...I guess your friend will have to pay"....I was so upset. I have never had a restaurant do to me that way. I was insulted. So, I guess my advice to you is if you go....take cash with you. Just to put a conclusion on to the story. I got home and called the bank (because the restaurant had me worried about identity thief by the time I left..since they surely assumed it was my fault) the bank said that they saw no problem with the card and did not understand why the restaurant declined.

October 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterCrystal

Very overrated. We had the seafood soup. Tasted like someone poured a can of cheap chicken broth into a bowl of veggies and imitation krab meat, and microwaved it. Very disappointed. The steamed dumplings were average.

July 7, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterChad

After the Golden Palace closed down, Ming's became the only other acceptable Chinese left on the east side of 280. Lunch prices are reasonable and include all the usuals (soup, egg roll).

Food over ranges from fair to good (for average'Bama standards/availabilitly), but nothing we ever tried was particularly memorable. Hot & Sour soup is a constant hit-or-miss depending on who's in the kitchen. Dumplings are thick and chewy, not in a pleasant way. The popular Ming's combination (beef, chicken, shrimp in a brown glaze) is actually not bad, with crunchy fresh vegetables (and no cheap carrot overload), tender beef, and a very fair portion of perfectly cooked shrimp.

Service is quietly friendly in a soothing traditional atmosphere of crimsons and pinks with the requisite dragon and goldfish decor pieces. Sound is nicely muffled by the clever use of rainbow colored egg cartons on the ceiling - a touch my children always marvel over. A small goldfish pond decorated with tiny figurines and mini-waterwheels greets guests as they enter the dining room - a great place to entertain small children while you await your meal.

As such, Mings became our fanfare-less Chinese go-to....until our last and final visit several weeks ago. A shared order of wanton soup for two was hungrily gobbled up by myself and my preschooler.

Only after my child had consumed a full bowlful and requested more wantons did we see the bugs - yes, BUGS - floating in the broth. You know the kind - they love to invade unsuspecting spaghetti boxes in your pantry (always the last one you have on hand and are about to put into that pot of boiling water)...those little black flecks that you hope and pray are big pieces of unground pepper but know in your dreading heart are going to have wings upon further inspection....

Anyone doing a proper job in the kitchen should have seen them during preparation. We showed our profusely apologetic waitress, then left with a not-so-good feeling in our tummies. Needless to say, we have crossed Mings permanently off our list.

We have since discovered Mr. Chen's (our new fave) and The Dragon which are notches above even the best day at Mings and worth the drive. While not so kid-frinedly for my family, (and certainly in it's own class from Chinese cuisine), there is also a gastronomically charming Vietnamese cafe across the road in the Target shopping center (next to World Market) that my husband and I have really enjoyed.

Please someone come to 280 east and open a reliably good Chinese restaurant!

August 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKO

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