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Crape Myrtle's (L. Indica) Café

2721 18th St. South, Homewood (at Little Professor bookstore)

Sandwiches, soups, salads for lunch; also specials served with two sides, such as meatloaf, shrimp jambalaya, apple-smoked pork loin or grilled fish. Breakfast includes traditional fare as well as items like a garden strata, chipped beef on toast, white cheddar grits, sweet potato cake, croissants, plus Sunday brunch with goodies such as French toast, frittatas, smoked trout. Dinner offers more substantial versions of lunch offerings. Wine and beer offered. A post on Chowhound.com (August 2007) praised the brunch, especially "the Duck Trap smoked trout with two poached eggs, sliced tomatoes, wheat toast, creme friache and wasabi. It comes with their sweet potato casserole, which is worth a trip in itself."

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