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Taste of Lou's in the Big Apple?

The New York Times tells the story of an Alabama native who moved to Brooklyn and opened a liquor store, inspired by Birmingham's Lou's Pub & Package Store (which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and was honored this summer as one of Esquire's top bars in the country.)

In the Aug. 11 article, the Times writes about LeNell Smothers, "a salty, 36-year-old Southern fixture in this Brooklyn neighborhood historically known for its drinking men." The Fort Payne native created a liquor store that is the favorite of the Red Hook neighborhood. "Many regard it the best in the city, whether for a quick stop for a bottle of throw-down shiraz on the way home or for something more specialized, like Isaiah Morgan rye whiskey from West Virginia, or absinthe fountains with little spigots, or that jar of corn liquor that burns the throat just to look at. There are sections focusing on female winemakers and black winemakers and distillers."

This year, her fourth, however, will be her last, as the building's new owners have other plans and won't renew her lease. She's looking for another location. We may have to look her up on our next trip to the Big Apple. 

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