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Read about Birmingham food trucks

Check out this post by Jason Horn over at Magic City Post about the burgeoning number of Birmingham-area food trucks, serving everything from tacos to wraps to Asian pork-belly steam buns to cupcakes. Oh, and burgers, too.

This follows Jason's first-taste review of the Shindigs truck on his Messy Epicure blog in August, where he wrote, "I think food trucks have finally hit the tipping point in Birmingham. Food trends seem to get to this town about five years or so after they break in New York, LA, and San Francisco, so the timeline is about right."

Also in August, Birmingham Weekly had a piece about "The rise of the food truck", which featured Spootfed Grill, The Cupcake Truck, and Shindigs Catering. "I’m not kidding when I tell you that you can get some of the highest quality, tastiest food in the city handed to you while you stand on the sidewalk," writes Andy McWhorter.

The Shindigs truck also was featured in Birmingham Magazine this month.

Not everyone's happy about the trend; last month, WBRC Fox 6 reported that some traditional brick-and-mortar business owners don't like the competition, even calling them a nuisance. Birmingham has been working on an ordinance regulating food trucks.

Makes me wish I worked downtown...

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