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Pita Stop's new location

Years ago, BC (before children), and even before we started Bhamdining over 10 years ago, we used to go to the Pita Stop frequently. In fact, it was the first place I ever had hummus (which they spell homos). It was a place we could go and get a cocktail and a glass of wine and some real food for a reasonable price, where Evan could get red meat and I could enjoy seafood.

Pita Stop's original locationBut these days the 12th Street South location is not so convenient to where we live. So recently we found ourselves in the 459/280 area at dinnertime and decided to try the new Cahaba Heights location, at 3908 Cross Haven Drive.

The new building is quite attractive; really I guess it's nicer than the old one, but to us feels a bit more generic and does not have the appeal of the old facade. But there's lots of tile, a lovely bar area, a real foyer/waiting area, and a covered patio with an unusual fountain where we'd like to go back when the weather's nicer.

They still have some of the best hummus I've ever had in a restaurant, with those wondeful thin and fresh JouJou's local pitas.

All Pita Stop's entrees come with a few pieces of fresh fruit; a house salad that's reminiscent of a Greek salad; a long grain and wild rice mix (like Uncle Ben's but better), and a small serving of hummus and pitas. We were delighted to see ours still come all arfully arranged in the rectangular Pyrex dishes we remembered.

The new location in Cahaba HeightsI would call the grilled Amberjack "seared" rather than "grilled," but it had a nice seared crust on it and was flaky and tender on the inside, nicely seasoned. The lamb kabobs were definitely not medium-rare as ordered; some of the chunks had pink centers, while others were done all the way through. We were too hungry to send them back, and they still had a good flavor.

Our daughter had a gyro, hold the lettuce and tomato and sauce on the side, and it was quite good. Not as good as her favorite gyros at The Pita Cafe on Highway 150, but miles ahead of the Purple Onion. The meat was flavorful but not as salty as gyros can be.

Some of the other dishes available include babaghanouj (eggplant dip), rolled grape leaves, tabooli, a variety of omelets, several pita sandwiches, seafood kabobs, kafta (meatball) kabobs, beef kabobs and falafel (fried patties of ground chickpeas). There are several vegetarian options, such as the falafel, vegetable kabobs, and vegetarian omelet. There was a display of baklava-type desserts near the hostess counter and I later wished we had gotten some to go.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal and we'll be back.

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