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Dream come true

I have been somewhat dismissive of the cupcake craze, having had too many cupcakes in my time that were all about being cute rather that about tasting good.

Dreamcakes Bakery in the Edgewood area of Homewood has changed my mind. This bakery makes cupcakes that are both beautiful and delicious, in traditional and unexpected flavors.

It was my birthday this week, so I decided to treat myself. After a wonderful lunch at Jinsei Friday (yep, they're serving lunch now, and the tempura green beans, served frites style, rock), I looked up Dreamcakes on my iPhone, since I had heard so much about them.

It took a while to make up my mind. So many flavors of cupcakes! Plus brown sugar pound cake, brownies, and French macaroons!

I decided to stick with cupcakes, since this was for my birthday.

I chose two favorites that, according to their website, are in the case every day: Chocolate High and Caramel Sea Salt Mocha. My other choices were Lemon, and one I forget the name of, but it featured sour cream, poppy seeds and colorful sprinkles.

A few that looked enticing but I didn't get: Peanut Butter Cup (Devil’s food cake filled with chocolate ganache & topped with creamy peanut butter buttercream, a chocolate drizzle & a peanut butter cup candy) and Cloud Nine (Angel food cake with a light whipped topping); and Over the Moon (white velvet cake, vanilla cream filling, intense vanilla bean icing and topped with white chocolate curls.) There were banana cupcakes, strawberry cupcakes, blueberry cupcakes, wedding cake cupcakes, cookies & cream. Some cupcakes have a filling in addition to icing, and most have some sort of treat garnishing the top. On the Chocolate High, it was a malted milk ball.

My complaint with most bakery cakes and cupcakes is they taste too much of sugar and fat and not much of anything else. This was not the case with Dreamcakes, where there was a wonderful balance of sweet with each cupcakes' individual flavors as well as salt to counter the sweet. The texture was delightful, as well. No gummy, spongy, or dry and crumbly cupcakes here!

Dreamcakes also does custom cakes for any occasion, including weddings. And they can do them gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free or vegan. (Sorry, no sugar free.) I think I know where I'm ordering this family's next birthday cake!

Afraid the cupcakes didn't last long enough to get photos, but check out Dreamcake's photo albums on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcakesbham.

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