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Best Burgers?

Birmingham Magazine's looking for "the best of Birmingham on a bun."

Go to http://bhammag.com/bhammag/food-jul10a.aspx to read about a baker's dozen of great burgers, from old-fashioned traditional at Billy's or Green Valley Drugs to ones with flavorful toppings like the Bloomin' Jalapeno burger at Rogue Tavern or the blue-cheese-stuffed version at Dram Whiskey Bar to the veggie burger at Bottletree. It says to vote on your favorite for the Best of Birmingham issue, but I can't see where you're supposed to do that....

I was kind of surprised that a couple of places that specialize in gourmet burgers, like the new Flip Burger Boutique at the Summit or Baja Burger, was on the list. But I haven't been to either one ... 

What do you guys think? Favorite burgers? On this list, I'm personally partial to Chicago Mike's, and to the Kobe beef sliders at Jinsei. For a chain, Five Guys burgers are pretty good (although it's the fresh-made fries there that really stand out) -- and, of course there's always Milo's.

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