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Goodbye to a taste of history, hello SoHo

Lovoy's is moving to SoHo. While I admit we haven't been to Lovoy's much in recent years, one of the things we loved about the old Green Springs location was that it looked like it hadn't changed in decades -- it was like taking a step back into our childhood, complete with the "lounge" with its separate entrance. I bet the great old neon sign will be gone, as well.

The Birmingham News reported Friday in City Scene that after 46 years, the family-owned Italian-American eatery will open in its new location Monday in the former Grey House Grille in downtown Homewood's SoHo Square. The new location is roomier, with taller ceilings, replacing "Lovoy's dark and cozy former digs," reports the News' Bob Carlton. (But we LIKED that cozy atmosphere!)

Zac Lovoy, the third-generation owner, told Carlton that the family has been looking for a larger space since the 1980s.

Carlton reports that longtime cooks Nadine Walker and Kim Cook, who have been with Lovoy's since the early 1970s, also have made the move to SoHo, and throughout the new restaurant are other reminders of the old place -- from the framed map that Lovoy's grandmother brought back from Italy to a digital photo montage of loyal customers through the years. But solid red tablecloths with black napkins will replace the red-and-white checkerboard linens.

Most importantly, Carlton reports, the menu, recipes and prices haven't changed. Our favorites have always included the baked oysters and the stuffed shells. 

The new Lovoy's also will be open for lunch.

The new address is 1830 29th Ave. South in Homewood, and the phone is 870-9811. Their website is www.lovoys.com.

Posted on Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 04:15PM by Registered CommenterDeborah Lockridge in | Comments1 Comment

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Recently visited the "New Lovoys" and were incredibly disappointed with our service. Food was still amazing, but our entire dinner was ruined by the fact that 1st we waited almost 20 minutes for drink orders to be taken, then another 20 minutes for food order, and were only offered crackers while we waited. We didn't get bread at our table until our food arrived, for which our waiter apologized that he "forgot" which was true because it was cold bread. I have frequently Lovoy's dozens of times throughout the years, so it is devastating that the service in the new location is terrible. I'm not sure I"'ll be back until things settle. I'll find a new "little italy" to visit. Sorry Lovoy's!

May 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBham Diner

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