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Viva the Free Hops!

We enjoyed our first "freed hops" beers last night -- beers bought here in Alabama since the state lifted its prohibition on higher-alcohol brews, which had kept us from getting many fine craft beers from around the world.

We picked up a box of six different Belgian ales at Dee's package store. What a treat!

These are "living beers," not pasteurized like most American beers. We tried the Bornem Double and the Augustijn. These full-bodied Abbey ales had a wonderful malty flavor that went great with a few crackers, salami and cheese after work.

For some fascinating reading about these beers and gourmet beers in general, visit the Global Beer Network website. For more about the group that led the drive to get the state's law changed, visit www.freethehops.org. Go to the "online community" to find out where to get the new beers.

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July 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterShia

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