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Meatless Mondays?

With World Health Day and Earth Day both in April, health and environmental advocates are calling on President Obama to take a page from history and proclaim national "meatless" days, as three of his predecessors in office have done. 

Presidents Wilson, Truman and Roosevelt all instituted national meatless days in order to divert food to troops overseas and alleviate worldwide food shortages. Today, a growing body of experts say that moderate reductions in meat consumption will mitigate climate change, lessen fossil fuel dependence, conserve fresh water and help reduce the chronic preventable conditions that today kill 70 percent of all Americans -- cancer, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Robert Lawrence, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future at the Bloomberg School of Public Health says, "With the President's notable embrace of healthy food and strong support for environmentally sound policies, reintroducing 'Meatless Mondays' at the White House will demonstrate a great way for Americans to improve their health, while lightening our nation's carbon footprint."

While I'll never give up a good steak or lamb chop, I've been trying to go meatless more often. You can find some restaurants with good meatless options on Bhamdining.com by searching for "vegetarian." We've tried to include that word in the description whenever we notice particularly good meatless options (beyond the usual salad or grilled cheese.) 

Some of my favorite meatless meals are at Silver Coin Indian Grill. If I'm in the Southside area for lunch, I love a GT Stack or a veggie sandwich from Golden Temple. And higher-end restaurants, even if they don't have a vegetable plate on the menu, will usually be happy to put one together for you. I've ordered vegetable plates at Highlands and Daniel George that were absolutely fabulous.

What are your favorite places for meatless meals?

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