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First Impressions: Lunch at Homewood Bogue's

A stop for a quick lunch yesterday at the Bogue's on Oxmoor in Homewood wasn't enough for a full-fledged review, but did merit a few observations.

The building, once the site of the Florida Grille, looks like it was perhaps a service station in a past life, with the remains of roll-up garage doors  flanking the front entrance. Inside, there's a short buffet line right in front of you when you walk in. Black vinyl booths as well as tables and chairs give it a diner-type feel; framed photos of classic diners surround the walls, and a bank of old-timey radios grace a shelf above the front door. Overall a pleasant, casual ambiance. (Although an unpleasant smell from the ladies' room near the end of our visit did distract...)

There were four or five entrees and about half a dozen sides. We enjoyed the fried chicken, which because of sitting in a steamer tray was not terribly crispy but very tender and flavorful. A "chicken fried steak" was not what we would think of as such; more a cubed steak simmered in brown gravy, it was tender and good. (I hate to admit it, since we're not overly fond of chains, but Cracker Barrel has pretty good chicken-fried steak; anyone know of some good chicken-fried steak at local establishments?) Other entrees included lasagna and a few pieces of fried catfish (we were there just 45 minutes before their closing time of 2 p.m.)

In the sides department, we had mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, and macaroni and cheese, all fairly standard fare. Other options included fried okra and blackeyed peas. The macaroni was a little overdone for our taste, but the great cheddary crust on top made up for it. Another nice note was that the food in general was not over-salted. I'd rather have to add a little salt and pepper, which we did for the potatoes, than the opposite (remember the Social Grill downtown? I think they used msg by the drum-ful.)

There were also some cold sides, like potato salad, in a small refrigerated case at the end of the line, and a few desserts, which we lacked room for after snarfing down our meal.

Overall, I'd say a good place to go for meat-and-three if you're in the neighborhood. Open for lunch Sunday-Friday, and for breakfast Monday-Saturday.

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