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(GASP!) No Fried Chicken at Democratic Convention!

In a post over at Epicurious.com, blogger Michael Y. Park asks the question, "Is the Democrats' Convention Menu Anti-South?"

Seems the catering proposals for the Democratic National Convention next month in Denver are required to adhere to some healthy-eating requirements and a desire for sustainably produced foods; for instance, at least half the meal must consist of fruits and/or vegetables; preference is to be given to vendors with "green" practices; 70 percent or more of ingredients must be certified organic and/or grown in Colorado. And, here's the rub: No fried foods!

According to Park, Denver Councilman Charlie Brown says the stringent restrictions, especially the fried-food ban, will hurt the Democratic Party's image in the South. "You can't turn red states blue, especially Southern states, without fried chicken."

What an insulting stereotype! Mr. Brown, are you saying Southerners are so shallow that our fried chicken is more important than politics? And come on -- with all the issues facing us in the world today, from our soldiers dying in Iraq to the abysmal state of the U.S. economy, someone's getting worked up over whether there's fried chicken at the Democratic National Convention?? 

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