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Lusting After Gourmet Sliders

Satterfield's Restaurant in Cahaba Heights has a new bar menu for Mondays and Tuesdays only that offers chef Haller Magee's gourmet take on casual bar food, and boy, does it have us drooling.

Fried pickles? Who needs 'em? Haller's got fried Kalamata Olives Stuffed with Laura Chenel Chevre. Then there are grilled fish tacos, a “Sausage Dog” (House-Made Seafood Sausage on a Brioche Bun With Dijon Aïoli, Sriracha, and Pickled Vegetables), grilled Beef Brochette with blue cheese and salsa verde, tempura-battered sweet potatoes with dipping sauces, and the one I really want to try, "Haller’s Slider" -- Ground Hereford Beef and Duroc Pork Burger Stuffed with Foie Gras with Smoked Gouda and Balsamic Marinated Onions. Quite a far cry from the sliders, aka "belly bombers" I grew up with in the Midwest from White Castle (which were good in their own way, but ...)

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