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Satterfield's, Revisited

Apparently Satterfield's restaurant and Royal Cup Coffee took to heart our recent review of Satterfield's, in which we lamented that about the only blot on an otherwise excellent meal was the very wimpy coffee -- which was rather a surprise considering that many coffee aficionados consider French Press method, which Satterfield's uses, the best way to make coffee. We went back to Satterfield's over the weekend to celebrate Deborah's birthday. Our server was the same as last time, and when it came time for after dinner drinks and dessert, she told us they had fixed the coffee problem. So we gave it a try, and indeed, the coffee was much better -- strong, dark and robust. As we were leaving, the dining room manager even followed us out the door to ask about the coffee. Royal Cup had come out and adjusted the measurements and a couple of other things. So bravo to both companies listening to and responding to customer complaints.

Our dinner was again excellent; a few highlights included the chilled roasted tomato soup; a warm salad of Snows Bend Farm tatsoi and asparagus, which tasted incredibly fresh yet earthy with accents of some small roasted beets and morel mushrooms; possibly the best chicken breast we've ever had; spicy crawfish tagliatele with fat crawfish tails, corn, Duroc bacon, poblano pepper, fava beans and pickled okra; pan roasted venison leg with baby carrots, Honshimeji mushrooms, apricot-raisin chutney and ancho Infused Bittersweet Chocolate; and Deborah's birthday dessert, Coconut Frangipane, a coconut cake with bittersweet chocolate center, soft bitter caramel, and coconut sorbet.

Only a couple of small things that could have been better -- the morels in the salad still had some grit in them; the coconut sorbet was largely melted by the time it got to the table (perhaps because of the time it took to write "Happy Birthday Deborah" in chocolate around the rim); and it was rather warm, with the A/C just not keeping up with the humidity (if you're planning to go in warm weather, plan to dress accordingly.) But the service was very good, wine recommendations were right on target, and we would definitely recommend Satterfield's as one of the city's best restaurants. Executive Chef Haller Magee is one to watch.

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