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Little Savannah Better Than Ever

private2.jpgWe recently enjoyed dinner at the newly expanded Little Savannah. We just did a review less than two years ago, so we're not going to do another full-fledged report, but we did want to share with you that Little Savannah is even better than it was when we did our review.

Clif and Maureen Holt took over the old La Reunion space next door last year and spent a couple of months getting it into shape. The result is a restaurant that didn't lose any of its cozy, artsy, funky Forest Park charm, but one that now has just a little more breathing room, including space for a bar and the ability to take reservations. A charming patio out back from the La Reunion days features brick walls painted with murals (although we do hope some of the chairs are repaired or replaced before spring really arrives.)

Some of the highlights of our meal, tucked into an adorable corner booth in the back near the bar, included a Ginger Cosmo featuring ginger-infused vodka; a chunky; zippy seafood bisque; and a stuffed quail appetizer. About the only complaint we could make was that one of the mini corn muffins was a bit burnt. The wine list was quite good, and we enjoyed the humorous pronunciations on the menu. (Also, kudos for actually posting current menus on their web site. So many places with menus that change daily only post a "sample" menu.) We'll be back!

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Posted on Monday, March 3, 2008 at 10:30PM by Registered CommenterDeborah Lockridge in | Comments2 Comments

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Reader Comments (2)

I wish I could second the glowing praise for Little Savannah. As someone coming from Atlanta and new to the restaurant scene in Bham, I was very much looking forward to my dinner there the weekend after Valentines Day...as I had heard many good things about it.

It was a colossal disappointment. Service was the main problem. Rushed from beginning to end, despite an 8:30 res which meant they would most likely not reseat the table. Wine was brought when the entrees arrived, which was at a breakneck speed. The "braised" veal shank was the toughest, most unfortunate piece of meat I have encountered in some time - nothing resembling a braise in the least. My entree - the filet - was delicious...but the whole experience left much to be desired at that point.

Too many restaurants - even in Bham - to worry about rushing back to Little Savannah.

March 3, 2008 | Unregistered Commentertami

We visited Little Savannah recently and found the food to be hugely disappointing. The service was quite good, however it could not make up for the failure of the entrees to live up to their past reviews. While the monkfish was tasty and the accompanying mussels and calamari flavorful, the overall dish left my dining partner wanting something other than protein. Continuing downhill, the lamb chops were bland and fingerling potatoes teamed with them were dry and flavorless. I was also bewildered by their offering of a second-hand steak knife culled from Outback (incidentally, the size of a boat paddle) with which to deal with the dainty chops. We hoped for a better finish at dessert, however the offerings left much to be desired resulting in our decision to skip it altogether.

Secondarily, we were somewhat put off with the poster-sized Birmingham Magazine cover with the owners prominently displayed near the bar. The self-aggrandizement after such a poor showing of a meal was beyond the pale. Thirdly, the music choice attempting to create atmosphere (an abrupt techo-trance mix) was just plain goofy for a white table cloth establishment.

April 14, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJJ

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