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Happy Valentine's Day

Cupid%20-%20Hippo.jpgAh, it's the day for lovers, when cupids abound, the price of roses goes through the roof, and restaurant reservations are hard to come by.

If you forgot about making restaurant reservations and don't relish the long waits at the places that don't take them, consider doing your Valentine's dinner tomorrow or Saturday, instead. Some restaurants are running their special Valentine menus at least through tomorrow, such as Icon, which still had spots for its special prixe fixe menu on Friday as of yesterday afternoon, and Plaza III steak house, which is offering its special menu all the way through Sunday.  

And there's always the possibility of doing a romantic Valentine's Dinner at home. Call your favorite restaurants to ask about take-out, or go by Tria Market or Whole Foods or V. Richard's and get some prepared or easy-to-fix gourmet fare and some good wine or champagne (don't forget dessert -- and how about some flowers!). Get out the good china and the candles and put on some romantic music and voila! You know, even some gourmet pizza and champagne in front of the fire would be romantic, in my book.

We actually celebrated Valentine's Day early and went out last weekend and enjoyed a lovely dinner at Little Savannah -- good way to beat the crowds! 

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