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Desserts at Daniel George

Daniel George in Mountain Brook has long been one of our favorite restaurants, but their new pastry chef has really taken dg's desserts to a new level -- some of the best in town.

For one thing, the presentation was incredible on both desserts, with large rectangular plates offering lots of room for what can only be described as dessert art. Vanilla-caramel poached pineapple with brown butter almond cake, black pepper ice cream, rum butter sauce and citrus tuile was a bit like a deconstructed pineapple upside-down cake, only with loving attention paid to each component, from the dense almond cake to the subtly pepper-seasoned ice cream and the pineapple itself. Warm chocolate lava cake has been on the menu so long it's almost become a cliche, but Matthew Dyer managed to make it special again. The lava cake was accompanied by chantilly cream, cacao anglaise, and shaved white and dark chocolate, and garnished with a large "O" thin crispy cookie standing up vertically in a base of chantilly cream. 

Other selections on the menu the night we dined were strawberry sorbet with coconut, honey tuile and tarragon-macerated strawberries; vanilla bean creme brulee with local fresh berries and lemon lavender tea bread; and semolina pudding with blood orange sorbet, mint citrus salad, mint syrup and citrus tuile. We like how Dyer is throwing in some unexpected flavorings, like the black pepper ice cream, tarragon-macerated strawberries, and mixing mint and citrus in the semolina pudding.

Dessert is the final impression you get of a meal, and at dg, it's a highlight of the evening with Matthew Dyer 

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