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Miss Myra's Gets Kudos From WSJ

Miss Myra's in the Cahaba Heights area of Vestavia got kudos from a Wall Street Journal reviewer.

Describing the restaurant's "veritable museum of swine art consisting of hundreds of effigies of the genus Sus in all its pink, piggy majesty," Raymond Sokolov on June 28 writes, "This enthusiasm for porcine imagery doesn't prevent the cheerful staff at Miss Myra's from subjecting the racks of a multitude of hogs to moist indirect heat that produces ribs better than any I had eaten anywhere up until that moment. Miss Myra's also turns out a sublime barbecued chicken and serves white sauce (spicy mayo with vinegar). Loyal customers started lining up at noon..."

Sokolov also had high praise for Dreamland in Tuscaloosa, and perhaps even more for Archibald's in Northport: "Archibald's is, and I say this with respect, a real, mythic Q shack. The green clapboard walls aren't falling down, but the boards are definitely not plumb. The pit is a concrete block affair attached directly to the small building. And a stack of wood sits a few feet away. The ribs are good indeed, Why not say fabulous? Very crisp outside, moist inside, Betty Archibald serves them in a pool of orange, vinegary hot sauce. Their taste stands up nicely to the sauce. The side dishes here are literally on the side -- of the wall next to the pit. Little bags of munchies. The ribs are what counts here."

The article was a follow-up to Sokolov's 12-state journey looking for great 'cue.

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