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Impressions: daniel george

dginterior-daylight.jpgIt probably wouldn't be fair to write up an official review of daniel george, the fine-dining/neighborhood restaurant/bar in Mountain Brook. There's no way to do it anonymously, because we have become regulars over the years. At least once a month we stop in for a glass of wine and perhaps split the salmon tartare or some fried oysters before heading on to our dinner reservations, or stop by after dinner to sit up at the bar and have a FAB coffee (Frangelico, Amaretto & Bailey's), espresso or dessert wine. Bob Creel, who's in charge of the restaurant's wine list and bar as well as overseeing the dining room, almost always has something new for us to try. (One time we even had a taste of a pineapple wine from Hawaii!)

Most recently, we ate dinner at the bar last Saturday while watching the Alabama-LSU game. (Actually, we had drinks and appetizers during the game, but the tension was too high to eat dinner until the game was over.) We enjoyed a glass of French Vouvray (chenin blanc) with our appetizers of grilled asparagus and salmon tartare. With dinner, we had a wonderful cabernet-merlot from the Pacific Northwest with our entrees. Evan enjoyed the tender, rich and hearty pappardella Bolognese. A large beef tenderloin steak came with gnocchi and vegetables such as asparagus and baby carrots, with a savory sauce that enhanced the tender beef but did not overwhelm it. (They do a wonderful job with the sides here; one of these days I'm just going to order a vegetable plate.) For dessert, we split a chocolate roulage.

The service at dg manages to be attentive yet relaxed. It has the feel of a neighborhood restaurant; you can tell many of the patrons are regulars. It's not large, with several connected rooms that once were probably retail storefronts. The menu includes  conventional fare like the popular veal piccata, delicious seafood and steak, and the occasional more adventurous dish like pickled pig trotter ravioli or lamb's tongue appetizers. Chef/owners Daniel Briggs and George McMillan complement each other well and have created a warm, comfortable place to enjoy a delicious meal, with the help of chef Robin Bashinsky in the kitchen, Bob Creel and the great wait staff.

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