Just who is Bhamdining.com?

We're Evan and Deborah Lockridge, professional freelance writers who live in Birmingham and enjoy food as a hobby -- dining out, cooking, reading about it, and writing about it. We started Bhamdining.com in 2000 because we couldn't find a good guide to local dining on the Internet. We wrote reviews for Birmingham Weekly for a couple of years, until parenthood put a damper on the new-restaurant-every-week lifestyle. We've won many regional and national awards for our writing, including some for our restaurant reviews.

While there are more online resources available about Birmingham restaurants today than there were when we started in 2000, there's still nothing quite like this. Because we don't rely on this web site for the bulk of our income, we can be a truly independent voice, and a local one, reflecting Birmingham's dining scene.

Our philosophy:

We believe dining out should be an experience, and that everything, from the atmosphere and the service to the food itself, contributes to that experience. That's true whether you're at the fanciest restaurant in town or the smallest hole-in-the-wall hot dog joint. It doesn't matter how good the food is if the server is rude or the atmosphere grates on your nerves. At the other extreme, we've been to some restaurants that seem to be popular simply because of their atmosphere, and the food was disappointing.

Reviews are done anonymously and meals are paid for by our own company, Evan E. Lockridge Communications. We don't accept free meals when doing reviews, and you won't see a glowing review here just because someone's buying an ad from us.

What type of restaurants do we list?

We prefer locally owned restaurants over chains, and you'll find that preference reflected here. If you're looking to find the Pizza Hut nearest you, you've come to the wrong place. We do occasionally list chains, especially smaller ones. We usually list home-grown chains, like Zoe's and Jim 'N Nick's. Then there are chains that offer something unique to the market, like The Melting Pot. And sometimes a chain is just too good not to include.

We try to limit the listing to restaurants that we know something about, ideally from personal experience, but also based on published reviews elsewhere. If your favorite restaurant isn't listed, by all means shoot us an e-mail and give us your recommendation. 

What do those forks mean?

1fork.GIF -- Don't waste your time or money


-- OK, nothing special

2forks.gif1/2 -- Worth trying, especially if you're in the neighborhood, or some dishes in particular are good

3forks.gif -- Good

3forks.gif1/2 -- Very good

4forks.gif -- Excellent; among the best in town at what they do, whether it's fine cuisine or hot dogs.

Comment Posting Guidelines

The restaurant descriptions here and the reviews reflect our opinion, and we realize that not everyone has the same tastes. That's why we give you the opportunity to post your own comments or mini-reviews with each restaurant listing. While you don't have to register to post comments, we will be monitoring them closely and will remove any we feel are inappropriate. No personal attacks, please, whether it's on other comment posters, restaurant owners, or us. Other things that could be regarded as inappropriate include excessive profanity and sales pitches. A friendly, respectful environment where posters offer useful information will make Bhamdining.com a better resource for everyone looking for information on Birmingham restaurants.

Please use your name or choose a screen name when posting that will help identify you to other site visitors. That way, people can start to recognize other reviewers who have tastes similar to their own, and it will help them in deciding which restaurants to try.

Restaurant owners are welcome to chime in and address any comments, if done in a constructive manner. Our restaurant listings are subjective, but if you spot a factual error (you no longer serve lunch, for instance), drop us an e-mail and we'll be happy to fix it.